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Guess the Movie is a little game for Android devices that lets you try to guess, either alone or with friends, a series of films from minimalist posters, which only give you a vague suggestion of what the film might be.

The application features hundreds of different posters, so that players have enough signs to drive them crazy (not literally, of course). They are ordered depending on their difficulty, so that players can go for those they believe are more in line with their skills.

In the event that one of the posters stumps you, you can 'ask' for a clue to make things a bit easier. A second clue gives you a bit more information about the film. In the third, you can for the title directly, but then the fun will end, of course.

Guess the Movie is a fun app that is best enjoyed in the company of others. It is especially recommended for movie lovers, but anyone can have a go and enjoy it.
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